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The Deep

The exemplar I wrote for my class's Darwin's Dystopia assignment.

That Email I sent Kendle

Blonde hair, wavy, put up in a messy bun. Her jeans had a hole in the knee, and she was wearing an oversized camouflage jacket. It was 1997.

The Cow

Linda stepped out of the car, bewildered, and began walking back to see what they hit. She thought it was a moose.

Ring the Bell

My Mother's Eulogy.


She was short. And compact. Like a rock climber or something, and I’m sure she climbed rocks sometimes.

Linda Lou

We’d watch Bob Ross paint a “happy little forest,” and make fun of his speech and his afro, but never his paintings. We liked his paintings.

The Sweet Science

“Have you ever sparred before?” “No, Sir.”

Bent Spoons

When he cheered, I cheered. When he cursed the ref, I booed. We’ve always been close.

The Belly of Hell

He smiled at the press conference and apologized to the twenty-year-old girl, but admitted no guilt.

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